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Hello everyone,
I just want to say thank you to all my fellow followers & that its been awesome running this blog. & with that I just want to make sure everyone updates their bookmarks because crimson & clover is no longer... it's now i'm pretty inspired!

Thanks everyone for your support!!!



Portfolio Photography

Oishii Ware 3 page roll-fold advertisement

Godiva full spread advertisement

Flower Child Business Cards

Flower Child Stationery

Flower Child Poster

Flower Child Merch Tags



It is done.
4-color silkscreen.

I made this for my roommate's birthday...
hope she digs it!

(Also, if you're interested in purchasing a print I have many more! Just let me know.)


Pattern in the Making:


Portfolio Case

Yesterday we had a wonderful snow day!
With that, all I did all day long was sew my portfolio case:
brown ultra-suede + dollies + thread + vintage button = Krysti's Portfolio Case


Happy Valentines Day!!!

So much has been going on this past week & with that this is going to be a lengthy post! First, I finished MillionTreesNYC branding with Em Beros (my great friend and designer). We will be submitting the project to The One Show. Here's a sneak peak at our tree tag design:

Second, I finished building my actual portfolio and process book!
(birch wood + danish oil + some fun hinges + sandpaper + screwposts + fire + drills + screws + love = some pretty sweet little books) I also made one for my boyfriend for VDAY! I filled it with random paper to sketch on as well.

Third, I got the best VDAY present EVER!
Jake is so talented...

Fourth, we were a bit goofy this week in Ad/Graph class.
I think The One Show competition took its toll on us...
Then after class and goofing around we went to Jeni's and McDonalds...Yum.